Ada Jafri biography in english | ada jafri bio

by HARNEET KAUR (Ishq Kalam)
biography of ada jafri in english 

Ada Jafri boigraphy in english | ada jafri bio

biography of ada jafri in english | Ada Jafri biography in english | Ada Jafri bio | Ada Jafri biography donwload | ada jafri shayara

biography of ada jafri in english 

ada jafri bio 


Ada Jafri was a Pakistani writer and poet. She became the first woman to write poetry in Urdu. Many awards have also been received for his story. Apart from being a poet, she was also a writer and has a special place in contemporary Urdu literature.

For his contribution, he was honored by the Pakistan Writers Guild, Government of Pakistan, literary societies of North America and Europe.

He was born on 22 August 1924 in Uttar Pradesh, India. His childhood name was Aziz Jahan. She was only three years old when her father, Maulvi Badrul Hasan, died. And his mother brought him up. She started writing poetry at the age of 12. He was married to Nuroon Hasan Jafri on 29 January 1947 in Lucknow. After marriage she moved from Lucknow to Karachi with her husband. Jahan Noorun became a writer in English and Urdu newspapers. Noorun died on December 3, 1995. After this she moves from Karachi to Toronto. Where she preaches Urdu.

Ada Jafri shayari urdu | bio of Ada Jafri


Ada Jafri and Nurul Jafri had three children named Sabiha, Azmi and Aamir. Sabiha Jafri is married to Zubair Iqbal and they are settled in Potomac, Maryland, USA. They have three children namely Saba Iqbal, Yusuf Iqbal and Sameer Iqbal. Azmi Jafri and his wife Shua Jafri are now settled in Andover, Massachusetts, USA. They have two sons, Faiz and Azeem. Adah Jafri used to live in Karachi with her son Aamir Jafri and his wife Maha Jafri. They had a daughter, Asra Jafri.

later life

Adah Jafri lived in Karachi. She played an active role in promoting the Urdu language and for this, she often traveled between Karachi and Toronto.

Ada Jafri biography in english


Ada Jafri was being treated in Karachi during her last days. He died on the evening of 12 March 2015. She was 90 years old at the time of her death. Pakistani Minister of Information, Publicity and National Heritage, Pervez Rashid, Sindh Governor Dr. Ishratul Ebad Khan, Pakistani Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif, Dr. Muhammad Qasim Bughyo, Chairman Pal, and Zahida Parveen, Director General Pal, expressed grief over Jafri’s death. . All of them appreciated Jafri’s contribution towards Urdu language. His funeral prayer was held at Al-Hilal Mosque, Karachi. He was buried at P.E.C.H.S Cemetery, Jamshed Town, Karachi.


Ada Jafri’s repertoire of works consists mostly of ghazals, although she has also used independent poetry and Urdu poetry. There are two genres of Urdu poetry – Nazm and Ghazal and he had mastered both. He used the pen name ‘Ada’ in his Ghazals. Apart from poems and ghazals etc., he has also written some Mazameen.

I kept searching for the music, you are aware of the ghazals… these are his main works.


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