Best quotes in english for love

by HARNEET KAUR (Ishq Kalam)
Best quotes in english for love

Best quotes in english for love

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Best quotes in english for love

She is like a poetry
….. simple yet very deep
a bliss to eyes & calming at the same time.
Her skin smells like forbidden loves & rainy nights. …


To feel your heartbeat
to kiss you,
tonight I’m loving you a little more
& make your heart feel something.
I need to hear you wanting me.
Stay a little longer my ubiquitous lover
& keep reading me. …..



Your breath lingers on my skin
the places once you touched
forever etched into memory;
the moment is still there
aching for more
your graze, your eyes
outside you.
Ohh that moment,
you adored all the poems I am.
Methodic & slow
your indispensable touch would undress my soul….



english quotes for love

Best quotes in english for love


I know I touch you like you touch me across the miles
….. & there you go again caressing all my senses. ….



I want to have a long conversation with you.
…. Come to me with all your life. …




Tonight drench me in your bourbon kisses
& sweet sounds of euphonious moans,
pour me in your poetry
so I may lay in enchanted words;
….. drunk on you & passion. …



Beguiling breaths ….
Sighs whispering omnipresent benevolence.
Basking in your ardor
I dream of an amaranthine amour.
…. Lay me down
open these delicate pages
& read me
….. endlessly. ….




I miss your sinewy hands fondling my curves,
….. my lips miss your warm breath caressing my lusciousness.
I miss the way you reached my soul
& coaxed out all my fears
replacing it with peace, giving me grace.
I miss how I saw my youth in your eyes
reflecting everything. ….


love quotes in english


Rainy evenings are soaked with your thoughts.
I feel your ardor caressing my sighs.
The longing for love I had almost forgotten in summer.
A yearning in the season of solitude.
Ohh thy love. … lustrous & insatiable it races whimsically through my veins. ….


Best quotes in english for love


The breath of your every word
catching up my bare skin
as I love you with the silent poems living inside your heart. …..




He’s like a beautiful dream that brought her to life.
When all else was lost,
bringing back her numb parts
that kept tingling for more.



His love is soul consuming;
he loves her like the other side of moon
dark & mysterious,
& there he delves again
caressing all her senses. …


best quotes in english



She waited for serenity.
She ached to be still;
to not overthink, not succumb to her sadness,
she needed to be home
on his chest
in his arms,
he made her feel cared for;
& she felt most alive.
He ran his hands over her past caressing the worn edges
of her heart. …..



Drenched in rain & wild lavender
they met under the cover of
cloud-kissed green;
she came with promises of warm nights & tending hands
& he with an enticing grin ….




He wanted all of her.
& she was a willing companion
giving it to him, fully.
A part of her she hardly gave to anyone.
He wanted her for how she made him feel things.
Once those gates were opened
he loved & took every inch of her …..




She is the language of love
….. an emotional mess, looking natural;
being raw, open, pure & aching,
hair cascading down her shoulder ….
She is the way she is. ….

poet : Paheli


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