Biography of Mirza Ghalib in english | Mirza Galib

by HARNEET KAUR (Ishq Kalam)
Mirza Ghalib biography

Biography of Mirza Ghalib in english | Mirza Galib


Biography of Mirza Ghalib in english | Mirza Galib bio in english | Mirza Ghalib download | galib ki biography | Mirza Galib


Mirza Ghalib

Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan, who was known by his pen name Ghalib. He was born on December 27, 1769 in Agra, Uttar Pradesh in a family with a military background. His father’s name was Mirza Abdullah Beg and his mother’s name was Izzat-ut-Nissa. In 1803, his father was killed in a battle at Alwar and he was only 4 years old. When Ghalib was young, a neo-

Muslim-converts came to Delhi from Iran and learned Persian while living there.

Nothing can be said about Ghalib’s early education, but according to Ghalib, he started writing poetry and verses in Urdu and Persian from the age of 11. And he became a great poet of Urdu and Persian language. He was considered a great poet of the language and is also credited with popularizing the flow of Persian poetry in the Indian language. He is known as an important poet in India and Pakistan.


He wrote works mostly in Persian and Urdu on traditional devotional and aesthetic rasa written in ghazals. He wrote most extensively in the mystical-romantic style of traditional lyric poetry in both Persian and Urdu and is known as ghazal.

At the age of 13, he was married to Umrao Begum, daughter of Nawab Elahi Baksh. After marriage, he started living in Delhi. And his whole life was spent there. In connection with his pension, he also had to make a long journey to Calcutta, which is mentioned in his Ghazals at various places. In 1850, Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar II sent Mirza Ghalib to Dabir-ul-Mulk and Awarded with the title of Nazm-ud-Daula and later he also got the title of Mirza Nosh. He was an important courtier in the emperor’s court and he was also at one time the imperial historian of the Mughal court.

He himself wrote about himself that there are many good poets in the world but his style is the most unique and also Sukhnavar very well in the world says that Ghalib’s style is Andaz-e-Baya. So he died in February 1869 in Delhi. Hui.


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