Good morning quotes in english for love

by HARNEET KAUR (Ishq Kalam)
Good morning quotes in english

Good morning quotes in english for love 


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Good morning quotes in english


 Nature also teaches
the art of living life,

Even after being strong,
trees give shelter to the vines


 Lilac garden,
gentle blooming clouds
…. your thoughts,
smells like distant words,
soak all senses in hazy mist
of purple dreams.
Weaving hope in to words & life. ….


 Whispers from the forest,
….. moonlit paths of wonder
petals on lips
dusk of feelings
…. dreaming in blossoms. …


good morning quotes in english for love 


Good morning quotes in english


 There is only one way to know
the limits of the possible,

Going beyond the impossible!



May’ musings,
scarlet lake
poem of my soul;
shimmering scribbles
cotton candy words
silky skies
neoteric photographs
….. adored embrace of time. ….


NatureSun-kissed hope,chrysanthemum kisses.
Tulips & primrose taking their right place….
on my shimmering skinyour eyes,
they are beautiful little love notes left by the universe. …….

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The hues of you, .
a letter to the moonfairytales of forever
melodies in our smile your touch;
so gratifying, dark & deep…..
these whiskey kisses bittersweet. …


Clouds of adoration.….
Ruby silk & viridian lacewhiskey mistakes,
words we carved in our heartsin
a ciphered kaleidoscope precious details;
our truth etched to eternity. ….



Rhythm of love, a morning sigh….
summer rhapsody unspoken melody
the threads of my unravelling.
I love, how you sing love notes in every whisper.


Whispers in the wind ,
ohhh dear summer moon,
keep your lantern bright & high.
Remembering an old …


The shadows of summer
…. on my wall
& thoughts of you like
pressed flowers in poetry books. ….


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Good morning quotes in english


Hope is such a source of energy,
By which there can be light in any darkness of life.



The mind is nothing but the traffic of thoughts.
Choose your route carefully!


 Those who lack in their lives,
they have influence in their lives.


Sometimes you be a light for others,
May others be a light for you,
As long as there is light in life,
Till then there is a ray of hope, there is light on every path.


my morning starts
be from your favor,
Oh God….
you are the one who gives me the whole day
Keeps it in your shelter!!


 Only nature has the power
to give happiness to all kinds of people.


Good behavior may have no economic value,
But good behavior has the power to buy millions of hearts.


 Don’t compare your life with anyone’s
There is no comparison between the sun and the moon,
When his time comes, he shines.


 Anger and differences should be like rain,
which rains and ends.

Love should be like the wind,
which is silent but always around.



 By being in contact with virtuous people,
the common man also gets pride,

Just as a thread by staying in a garland of flowers
also gets a place on the head of God.

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